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Travellers Choice marketing


Every Travellers Choice member is an expert in selling travel, but when it comes to marketing, some members prefer to call on the support of our team of highly-experienced in-house professionals. 

We provide a diverse range of sophisticated, effective and affordable marketing services that help our members retain valuable customers, attract new business and build their brands.

Our travel marketing solutions focus on three key areas:

Brand Development

We understand the importance of your agency’s unique brand and provide eligible members with access to quality marketing solutions and materials to compliment your local identity.

  • Logo design
  • Agency branding
  • Stationery and merchandise
  • Uniforms

Digital Solutions

Travellers Choice is recognised as a pioneer in the convergence of offline and online distribution channels. Strengthen your digital presence and expand your promotional platforms with our industry-leading suite of digital solutions that cater to varying levels of member involvement.

  • Site Builder member website and content management system
  • TC Mail email marketing platform offering two service levels
  • Social Media Management subscriptions
  • SEO and SEM managed services
  • Wetu Itinerary Builder

Lead Generation

Our focus is on delivering cost-effective and successful strategies to reach your customer base and grow your business. We offer personalised local marketing support and can help you create business and marketing plans.

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Local area marketing support
  • Point of sale materials
  • ATAS accredited materials
  • Corporate travel toolkit
  • TripADeal unique sales agreement

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