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Travellers Choice is an Australian retail travel network with a unique difference – it is owned by the independent businesses who comprise its membership. 

Every Travellers Choice member has a voice as a valued shareholder and members retain control of the company through a Board of Directors where member-elected Directors hold the majority. This ensures complete business transparency and accountability to members.

Together, Travellers Choice and its independent members act cooperatively to achieve mutual business success. Members receive 100% of at-source commissions from our extensive portfolio of preferred supplier partnerships, dividend distributions and your share of preferred supplier overrides and incentive commissions.

Reflecting our commitment to operating with an unwavering focus on support of members, Travellers Choice offers an unrivalled suite of specialist services, diverse marketing opportunities and ready access to company personnel. Members decide how to stay connected to the organisation through a variety of convenient channels offered according to your membership preference.

  • Personal contact with our Senior Management Group
  • Connection with our national Business Development Managers
  • TC Hub agent portal 
  • TC Connect Facebook group
  • TC Webinars including frequent live update and Q&A sessions with Managing Director Christian Hunter

With a proud history of association with the Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA, formerly the Australian Federation of Travel Agents) and the Australian Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS), Travellers Choice members receive Concessional ATIA and ATAS Membership Fees as well as access to all ATIA services and benefits.

We truly are the champion of independent travel businesses in Australia!

Becoming our member is easy, simply click on the link below to find out how.

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