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TripADeal proving a “no brainer”

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20 Mar 2018 Travellers Choice News

Any member still pondering on the potential of the group’s exclusive relationship with online agency TripADeal would do well to contact Travel & Cruise Bundaberg owner Jenny Gregg.

The Queensland agency’s promotion of its TripADeal connection and products – via social media posts, radio spots, newspaper stories and email marketing – literally paid instant dividends.

“A regular client was just about to book direct with TripADeal when he saw our email,” says Jenny. “Instead he came in to the agency and we booked it for him. He said he was relieved because he was feeling bad about it.

“He has since referred other friends who want to do the same trip next year. So there are another two customers I would never have got.”

Travel & Cruise Bundaberg has now booked around 22 passengers, including a group of eight that was directed to the agency by TripADeal itself.

“The group contacted TripADeal but they were not in a position to book immediately,” says Jenny. “The TripADeal agent knew that the deal they wanted was going to be released through Travellers Choice the next month so she found out where the customer lived and referred them to us.

“As far as we are concerned, working with TripADeal is a no brainer.”

As part of Travellers Choice’s game-changing partnership with TripADeal, members enjoy exclusive access to a steady stream of selected packages, designed to appeal to existing customers and help build databases by attracting new business.

General Manager - Sales Nicola Strudwick says that more than 80% of members have now completed TripADeal’s training program, which features six video tutorials. Among them is a step-by-step guide to using the dedicated wholesale website purpose-built for members – an initiative that has since seen TripADeal named as a finalist in the Best Travel Agent Technology Innovation category at this year’s NTIAs.

One of TripADeal's strongest supporters is Ucango Travel & Cruise Centre, which has so far secured more than 50 bookings – 80% of them from new customers. Ucango also ran a TripADeal product information event which owner Monique Hulsman says attracted around 170 attendees. 

“A lot of the people said they were aware of the TripADeal brand but they wanted to put a name to a face, and they wanted the confidence of having a travel agent look after them,” says Monique.

Nicola says that while members in Queensland and New South Wales are leading the way in terms of engagement, the group is seeing “consistent traction” across the network as members come to appreciate the high returns available on what is a relatively simple and quick sell. 

“One of the things that has also been consistent right across the entire group is the positive feedback on TripADeal’s support service,” she says. “The company is exceptionally committed to our partnership and that is reflected in the helpful attitude and quick response time of its staff.” 



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