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TC grows Skål profile

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06 Aug 2019 Travellers Choice News

Travellers Choice is continuing to lift its profile within networking organisation Skål, with Business Development Manager ACT / NSW Paula Moylan becoming the final member of the sales team to be inducted.

General Manager Sales Nicola Strudwick was elected President of Skål Perth in February, while BDM VIC / TAS Graham Smith, who joined the organisation last year, is now serving on the committee for the Skål Melbourne club.

Nicola says Travellers Choice is already benefiting from the increased engagement with Skål, which aims to bring travel and tourism professionals together to “Do Business Among Friends”.

“Every member of the sales team now has access to local, national and international travel and tourism leaders who can assist our members,” says Nicola. “It’s not just about ‘waivers and favours’; it’s about nurturing strategic partners who can have a positive impact on our members’ businesses through enhanced support and the delivery of products with the potential to attract new customers.

Nicola says the focus will now shift to encouraging greater participation by Travellers Choice members in Skål, which currently boasts 22,000 members in almost 90 nations.

“Members who become ‘Skåleagues’ can enjoy closer access to industry leaders who have the ability to support independent agency operators. In addition, greater involvement by members – who remain our company’s most powerful recruitment force – will amplify Travellers Choice’s voice within the organisation.”

Nicola also recently addressed Skål Australia’s 100th National Assembly in Sydney on the Perth chapter’s success in reviving the Young Skål movement.

Established in 1999, Young Skål is designed to support and connect people who are studying travel and tourism or just starting out in the industry. In Australia, participation in the organisation has in recent years waned.

“When we took on the task of revitalising Young Skål in Western Australia there was only one Young Skåleague in the state and just seven across the country,” says Nicola. “We now have almost 30 members of the Young Skål club in Perth, and I will be explaining to the National Assembly how we have brought the organisation back to life.”

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