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Smart design refreshes website

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12 Apr 2018 Travellers Choice News

The Travellers Choice website is enjoying a face-lift this month with design and content enhancements making it easier for visitors to find the right product, information and members.

The changes – the majority of which flow through to members’ own Site Builder websites – include new-look product pages that showcase more holiday options and inclusions. 

Digital Services Supervisor Swati Vaghjiani says that by eliminating the large ‘enquire now’ box that previously occupied valuable page space, the new layout allows visitors to view three times as many products on each page, and reduces scrolling. 

“Each package also incorporates its own ‘enquire now’ button, along with more information on the product and icons that summarise inclusions,” Swati says. “As a result visitors can get a more detailed understanding of the product in less time.” 

Improvements have also been made to the blog section, which now incorporates a more compact, modern and streamlined layout. In addition, a new search function is being added that allows visitors to use filters to more easily locate the information they are after. 

“If means, for instance, that customers interested in travelling to Asia can come to the Travellers Choice website or a member’s Site Builder website and quickly find any blogs related to the region,” says Swati. 

“If members utilise the user-friendly blog module to post their own content, for example it might be a piece about a staff member’s latest trip to Asia, it can relay a real sense of first-hand experience and expertise.”

One of the most important changes concerns the ‘Find an Agent’ tool featured on the company’s website, which consistently ranks among its top five most visited pages.

To find their nearest member, visitors were previously required to identify their own location by inputting details such as postcode and state. The new ‘Find an Agent’ landing page features a snapshot of the number of agents per state and a zoom-in tool.

“It allows users to just click on a state and quickly identify agent locations,” says Swati. “They can then sort the results from A to Z.

“We’re also going to be running some targeted SEO on this section to further raise its visibility.” 


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