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Revenue rise tracks service uptake

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18 Oct 2018 Travellers Choice News

New figures show that members are engaging more than ever with the group’s expanding range of services, and the trend is resulting in a corresponding boost to bottom lines.

Every quarter, members are assigned a Total Service Score (TSS) based on their usage of the network’s wide range of support services. These include marketing services such as TC Mail, Local Area Marketing (LAM) and Cruise Club as well as other services such as toolkits, events and BDM support.

Since 2015 the average TSS has increased by more than 55%, a significant rise that has been driven by more engagement with marketing services in particular.

General Manager – Marketing Robyn Mitchell says the trend can be ascribed to a number of factors, including the uptake of new services such as the Business Toolkit (introduced mid- 2017) and wider usage of services that have been enhanced, such as TC Mail.

“In addition, we’ve seen developments such as the introduction of TripADeal as an exclusive preferred supplier lead to an increase in the number of members submitting LAM Requests,” says Robyn.

“Ultimately what it shows is that innovative new services and partnerships, as well as our efforts to enhance existing services, are resonating with members.”

The trend is reinforced when viewed in conjunction with total transaction values (TTV). “What’s interesting,” says Robyn, “is that those agencies showing increased service usage are typically also reporting increased TTV. In other words, increased investment in services is clearly contributing to an increase in revenue.”

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