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New templates enrich Business Toolkit

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With the addition of a new template covering profit and loss statements and marketing budgets, the Travellers Choice Business Toolkit is just about full.

Launched late last year, the Business Toolkit currently contains a selection of customised templates that help members construct key planning documents and engage staff with their agency’s goals.

General Manager - Sales Nicola Strudwick says the latest template is effectively the “final piece of the jigsaw”.

“The first templates we introduced were about building a business plan and ensuring every member of an agency’s team was on the same page,” says Nicola. “Then we covered cash flow. Now we’ve added in a new Profit & Loss and Marketing Budget template.

“It’s really about looking at the big picture now.

“The Marketing Budget template, for instance, will help agencies plan their forecasted spend for promotional initiatives, taking into account annual events such as earlybird offers and Cruise Month, which takes place in October. 

“It can then facilitate strategic discussions with preferred partners on ways to work together to achieve a common goal. 

“The Profit & Loss template allows members to use estimated income and expenditure for the financial year to forecast overall profitability and better understand what is required in order to achieve their budgeted result.”

Nicola says a broad range of members have embraced the Toolkit’s templates, with one of the most popular being the Monthly Consultant Target Summary.

“This helps managers set monthly and yearly targets for what each consultant needs to achieve – from number of bookings to average sale. This can be a really powerful tool because it allows managers to ensure that each staff member’s goals are aligned with those of the business.”

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