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Mentor 2.0 set to launch

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27 Mar 2019 Travellers Choice News

With participants declaring the first round of the Travellers Choice Member Mentoring Program a success, work is now underway to make the second instalment an even more valuable experience for both mentors and mentees.

General Manager Sales Nicola Strudwick says the Travellers Choice network owes "a big thank you to all those members who put up their hands and gave up their time to take part in the inaugural group".

"Their experiences have really helped lay the foundations for the program and we are now using their feedback to make a number of enhancements," says Nicola. "For instance we are further developing the program guidelines to provide additional support for members, particularly in the initial contact stage. And we are refining the way we assess the skills and requirements of each participant in order to ensure we get an even better match of mentor and mentee."

A total of 20 members participated in the first six-month program, which wrapped up at the end of March. Members worked together to address a wide range of business and personal development issues, connecting for one-on-one sessions each month.

Kathy Granger from Burnie and Smithton Travelcentre, who unexpectedly found herself running a travel agency after 20 years as an HR professional, says her aim as a mentor was to help another member avoid some of the mistakes she's made.

"I wanted to make things easier for someone else because I think I did it the hard way," says Kathy. "At the same time, I was hoping to learn what I could from my mentee, and I've certainly got a lot out of it. For instance, looking for resources for my mentee made me review the way we do things, and as a result we've made some tweaks in our business.”

Mentee Cathy Hewett from Tewantin Travel and Coolum Cruise & Travel, says the program exceeded her expectations.

"I found it very gratifying to have a successful mentor, who has been in business longer than me, assure me that I was pursuing the right strategies to grow and expand my business," says Cathy. "I also needed a gentle push from someone externally to help me complete things like business plans, etc, rather than keep everything in my head.

"It's just nice to know that there is someone to contact if you've got a question, and it’s knowing that they'll get back to you, without criticism, to say 'this is what I'd do'”.

If you are interested in learning more about the Travellers Choice Member Mentoring Program and other benefits of membership of our group, contact your local Business Development Manager.

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