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03 Jul 2018 Travellers Choice News

There are colleagues and then there are Skålleagues. If you don’t have any of the latter, then it’s time to get involved in the travel industry’s revered networking organisation, Skål.

That’s precisely what the Travellers Choice corporate office is currently doing, with Victorian and Tasmanian BDM Graham Smith recently inducted into Skål Melbourne, and Event & Administration Supervisor Kyra Mulvena now playing a leading role in Perth’s Young Skål.

General Manager - Sales Nicola Strudwick says that engaging more with the organisation – which boasts 22,000 members throughout almost 90 nations – is part of a broader strategy to positively contribute to the travel industry. At the same time it helps raise the company’s profile at a grassroots level and creates new opportunities to meet potential recruits.

“Skål provides a relaxed environment for our sales team to engage with independent agency owners who they might not otherwise meet,” she says. “Our team has also been asked to present at various Skål events on behalf of Travellers Choice, giving us an additional platform to speak about the benefits our group offers.”

Nicola, who plays an active role in Perth Skål, also believes the organisation can help individual Travellers Choice members by creating opportunities for networking and professional development. “In addition, Skål members have the chance to build personal relationships with senior management personnel from supplier partners, which can prove invaluable and really help grow business,” she says. 

“Young Skål can also offer agency managers a way to help nurture less experienced staff. And that can help with retention and with finding new employees.”


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