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05 Jul 2018 Travellers Choice News

As part of an effort to create email campaigns that are highly targeted – and therefore more effective - the digital marketing team is now undertaking a comprehensive review of TC Mail users’ customer databases.

Digital Services Supervisor Swati Vaghjiani says the process – which involves interrogating the individual databases of members who outsource their TC Mail account to the marketing team – will enable unprecedented segmentation of future email campaigns. 

“The process is time consuming but it will give us a clear picture of the depth of preference data each member currently has for their customers,” says Swati. “For instance, we’ll be able to see the number of people who are interested in cruising, ski holidays or specific destinations. Once we have those insights we can begin targeting our campaigns and, where required, we can explore various ways of enhancing key segments.

“Ultimately, we want to be in a position where if we know, for instance, that a customer is really interested in North America, we can start integrating a higher frequency of North American offers in the travel eDMs they receive.”

General Manager - Marketing Robyn Mitchell says that since TC Mail’s launch in November the focus has been on getting members trained on the platform and growing overall engagement. “We are now well down that path and our focus is shifting to areas where TC Mail allows us to take our email marketing to a new level. Segmentation is particularly powerful because not only can we now target specific travel preferences, we can also, for example, segment by the frequency of contact customers desire or by whether or not they have kids.

“We will continue to use our eDMs to prompt users to update their preferences and we are looking at some specific campaigns to gather data. In the meantime, members can really help by making sure that they fully complete preference data when adding any new customers to their databases.”



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