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Content still king in B2C strategy

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30 Mar 2018 Travellers Choice News

Travellers Choice is continuing to pursue an aggressive approach to B2C (business to consumer) digital marketing in 2018, with a broad range of activities designed to optimise sales leads for members and further raise the group’s profile.

Digital Services Supervisor Swati Vaghjiani says that extracting maximum value from the company’s existing tools and resources is a key focus this year. In particular, the Marketing team is determined to realise the full potential of TC Mail, with more effective segmentation, automation and data management all high on the agenda.

“At the same time we are pursuing a range of strategies to ensure that the Travellers Choice website is delivering the highest possible level of agent enquiries and that we can better track and report on those enquiries.”

Digital marketing activities will also seek to cement Travellers Choice as a voice of authority on travel. 

With this in mind the company is now working with Castleford, a specialist in digital content creation, to generate a steady stream of blog articles. 

“The aim is to increase the quality of our advice to consumers and to better communicate our expertise and that of our members through the posting of creative and engaging blog content,” says Swati.

“While these activities are taking place we will also be continually improving our digital visibility using organic search, paid search and social media.

“At present we are getting outstanding results, but we have no intention of resting on our laurels. We will continue to hone our approach to ensure maximum value from all our digital activities.”

To ensure members are enjoying a strong return on their own digital investment, Swati recommends every agency takes a “holistic” approach to creating a digital presence. But it’s essential that a well-maintained website sits at the core.

“A website is not something you can simply 'set and forget' – just like newspaper advertising and email marketing it needs to be constantly refreshed. Members who frequently upload content that is unique and captures who they are and what they offer will always enjoy stronger traffic, a better organic search performance and enhanced credibility among consumers.

"Just remember that the Marketing team is here to help you action website updates. For instance we can help re-write content and source images. Members just need to get the ball rolling, and then we can help them across the finish line.”



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