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Travellers Choice set for growth with expanded membership model

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12 Jul 2022 Media Releases, Travellers Choice News

Travellers Choice has announced a major reboot of its membership structure, with the introduction of three new membership packages offering different levels of business services and financial benefits.

Managing Director Christian Hunter says the move to multiple membership options reflects the changes that have remoulded the retail travel sector over the past two years. 

“During that time, many independent travel businesses have responded by evolving their operations, some moving from an office to work remotely and others embracing a hybrid model,” says Hunter. 

“We recognised an opportunity to adapt our membership arrangements to ensure we offer independent travel businesses more choice and greater flexibility. Now they can choose between three solutions, each featuring distinct levels of pricing and services, but all benefiting from the unparalleled support for which Travellers Choice is renowned.”

Travellers Choice’s new membership packages include:

  • Activate – ideally suited to home-based businesses or start-up entrepreneurs who receive a selection of essential support services with the option to activate additional services whenever required through the purchase of service bundles.

  • Elevate – a full-service offering designed for businesses that want to elevate their operations by taking advantage of a complete suite of exclusive tools, products and services.

  • Accelerate - tailored to high-turnover, fast-growing businesses that want to accelerate the return on sales through a transparent and predetermined remuneration structure.

Travellers Choice members will be free to move between packages at any time, and regardless of which option they choose, all will continue to be shareholders in the company and receive preferred supplier at-source commissions and overrides. 

“As always, Travellers Choice’s primary focus is on supporting our members to grow their businesses,” says Hunter. “Our new agile membership structure does that by giving members greater flexibility in terms of how they engage – now and into the future – with our unrivalled suite of sales and marketing services and team of business development managers.”

Hunter says the introduction of the award-winning group’s new membership structure coincides with an inflection point in the history of the travel sector, when independent travel businesses are understandably re-evaluating their consortia arrangements.

“I am confident that our new approach will resonate strongly with the broad range of businesses – from home-based operators to multi-location and high-turnover businesses – looking to activate, elevate or accelerate their business.”

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