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Travellers Choice promoted to customer service elite

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Travellers Choice's annual Member Survey process asks the company's independent travel agent members to rate its performance across a range of membership benefits, including marketing services, communications and agency support. Based on the responses to this year’s survey, the award-winning network achieved a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 90 – up from 65 just three years ago. 

Used by organisations around the world to measure customer loyalty and gauge performance against competitors, NPS is calculated from customer responses to a simple question: How likely would you be to recommend us to your friends and colleagues? A positive NPS means a company has more ‘promoters’ than ‘detractors’.
Global consultancy Bain & Company says an NPS score above 20 is great, while a score of more than 50 is exceptional. Companies recording an NPS above 75 are considered the best in their respective industries.
Travellers Choice Managing Director Christian Hunter says the network’s 2024 result places it in an exclusive club.

“NPS is a globally recognised measure of customer and brand loyalty, and even some of the world’s best known and respected brands struggle to achieve scores above 50,” says Hunter.

“Achieving an NPS of 90 shows that by continually improving and adapting our services and support we are not only meeting the needs of independent travel business operators but also exceeding their expectations.”

This year’s result generated overwhelmingly positive feedback when it came to the group’s marketing activities and on-road sales team, as well as new revenue-generating initiatives and the financial returns enjoyed by all members, who remain the company’s sole shareholders.

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