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Travellers Choice members applaud unrivalled support

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07 May 2021 Media Releases, Travellers Choice News
A resounding 100% of Travellers Choice agents taking part in the annual survey expressed satisfaction with their membership of the national network, with almost two-thirds declaring themselves 'more than satisfied'. 

Members took the opportunity to laud the group’s removal of membership fees for the 2020/21 financial year, its reduction in web-hosting fees, and the speed with which it delivered a robust template for agency Terms and Conditions.

In addition, Travellers Choice agents overwhelmingly endorsed the uninterrupted support provided by the group’s network of state-based business development managers, which has remained intact throughout the crisis. And they praised the corporate office team’s success in working with preferred suppliers to resolve a myriad of issues with refunds and credits. 

Members also voiced unanimous approval for the group’s sustained and wide-ranging communication efforts, which – along with a steady stream of eDMs, social media posts and updates to agent portal TC Hub – include weekly webinars hosted by Managing Director Christian Hunter.

Alison Nichols of Middletons Travel said the information delivered in the weekly webinars – including regular updates on government grants – had proved invaluable.

“The online polls conducted during the webinars have also been great because they have provided me with insight into how I am doing compared to the rest of the Travellers Choice network,” says Nichols. “Overall, the level of support that I have received has been unaffected by COVID, which is an amazing effort by the team.”

Brian Bennett, owner of Travel and Cruise Professionals, explained that Travellers Choice had simply “outshone other travel industry groups”.

Managing Director Christian Hunter says the results show Travellers Choice is well positioned to rebound from the current downturn.

"Clearly no travel business that survives COVID will be unscathed, but companies that have retained their core strengths and remained focused on their customers will return with renewed vigour. 

"Travellers Choice's members are our customers and primary focus, and we will continue – as always – to support them in ways that surpass their expectations. The latest survey shows that the bonds that bind our group together and the value we deliver to independent travel agents have only been reinforced by the current crisis."

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