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05 Apr 2023 Media Releases, Travellers Choice News
The 2023 Travellers Choice Member Survey has survey generated overwhelmingly positive feedback on the quality and range of services and support Travellers Choice members receive, along with praise for the network’s annual conference and its strong communication strategy. In addition, members lauded the group’s new membership model, which offers a choice of three categories, each offering distinct levels of services and support.

Managing Director Christian Hunter says one metric that surpassed expectations this year was the group’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a well-established measure of customer and brand loyalty.

“We recorded an NPS of almost 85, which is remarkable,” says Hunter. “According to NPS creator Bain & Company, a score of 20 is great, above 50 is amazing, and scores above 80 are rare and only achieved by companies considered to be among the absolute best in their industries."

As in previous years, Hunter says the Survey also highlighted challenges currently facing members – and retail travel agents at large – including the continuing struggle to find experienced staff. 

"Finding new team members remains extraordinarily difficult, and even when agencies are lucky enough to find someone, more often than not that person requires significant training," says Hunter. 

“For Travellers Choice members, the burden is lessened by our training and development service, TC Pro which provides access to the wage subsidy that travel agency owners can take advantage of for new or existing employees who complete relevant qualifications.”

Another issue highlighted in the Survey, says Hunter, is a desire for more support and contact from supplier partners.

“As suppliers re-build their teams, I would urge them to look beyond city limits and ensure that regional areas receive the benefits of regular contact with business development managers.

“Some of Australia’s most successful independent business operators are regional or based in smaller states, and, for companies that are willing to dedicate resources, there’s a real opportunity to develop strong relationships and sales volumes with these agents.”

Overall, however, he says Travellers Choice members are upbeat in their outlook and recognise that this is an exciting time for the travel industry continuing its “journey back to normality”.

2023 Member Survey Result


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