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Media Release: Travellers Choice unveils TC Mail

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15 Nov 2017 Media Releases

15 November 2017: Travellers Choice is unveiling its new email marketing platform to members attending its Annual Shareholders' Conference in Perth this weekend, with the innovative system giving agents the ability to generate
campaigns that are more targeted and effective than ever before.

To mark the arrival of the new platform - known as TC Mail - Travellers Choice will also give members who adopt the system the option of outsourcing all of their email marketing activities to the group's marketing experts at no cost.

General Manager Marketing Robyn Mitchell says TC Mail – developed in partnership with one of Australia's leading technology companies – allows users to easily segment their databases into a broad range of product categories based on their customers' past travel habits and current interests.

"It's a simple process for agents to then create email marketing campaigns that are tailored specifically for each segment," says Mitchell.

"Customers benefit because they receive product information that is more relevant and enticing, and that in turn ensures Travellers Choice members have more opportunity to convert increased digital enquiries into sales.”

Travellers Choice members can self-manage their TC Mail account or authorise the Travellers Choice marketing team to create and distribute email campaigns on their behalf.

Mitchell says those choosing to outsource their email marketing activity will no longer need to commit time and resources to the process.

"Instead they simply provide us with their customer database and we will craft and distribute targeted newsletters featuring their agency’s details as the call-to-action."

Travellers Choice has long been a market leader in the digital sphere and introduced its first email marketing solution for agents back in 2006. The group’s latest platform – created in partnership with Campaign Monitor, an Australian technology company now 
expanding across Europe and North America – is available to all of the network’s agents as part of their membership fee. Agents using the system can also send an unlimited number of emails each month.

Travellers Choice offers its members a suite of digital marketing solutions, including a unique website solution, Site Builder, which enables agents to offer a customised website (with a unique URL address) supported by centrally-loaded products.

Travellers Choice members can also use the network's Digital Managed Services, which allows them to outsource a variety of activities to the group's marketing team, including the development of customised website content, SEO, management of social media activities and the purchasing of online advertising space.

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