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Media Release: Travellers Choice rewards top agents with Ecuadorian Amazon adventure

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21 November 2017: Travellers Choice is rewarding its top 10 members with a cruise through the Ecuadorian Amazon and a spectacular rail journey from the Andes to the Pacific Coast – just one of the prizes announced today as part of its celebrated Choice Awards program.

The Gold Choice Award winners will travel in March with Adventure World on a custommade itinerary that includes a three-night Manatee Amazon Explorer voyage through the Amazon rainforest and 'Train of the Wonders' from the foothills of the Andes to Ecuador’s tropical plantations on the Pacific coast.

Each year Travellers Choice presents its top 30 performing agencies with Gold, Silver or Bronze Choice Awards, with winners determined by the level of support they provide the network's preferred suppliers. As well as winning spots on dedicated educational trips, recipients take part in exclusive sales incentives and receive service grants worth up to $1500 per agency, which they can use towards the network’s member services.

This year’s Silver Choice Award winners will depart in April for a tour of southern Italy as guests of Back-Roads Touring. The award-winners’ trip will take agents to the Bay of Naples, the ruins of Pompeii, the pastel-hued villages on the Amalfi Coast and the chic island of Capri.

Bronze Choice Award winners will celebrate their award by escaping to Samoa in March. The group will travel with Si Holidays to Apia to relax in some of Polynesia’s best properties and explore the lush volcanic island of Upolu, where in the late-19th century Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson owned a beautiful estate.

Travellers Choice Managing Director Christian Hunter praised this year's Choice Award winners for continuing to raise the bar when it comes to supporting the national network’s preferred suppliers.

“The combined efforts of our Choice Award winners has once again proved pivotal in helping Travellers Choice optimise the value of our preferred agreements,” says Hunter.

“As a result we have been able to once again generate financial rewards that have flowed through to all Travellers Choice members, who remain our Company's sole shareholders.”

2017 Gold Choice Award Winners
• Ballina Cruise & Travel, NSW
• Discover Travel & Cruise, QLD
• Jamison Travel, ACT
• Maria Slater Travel, ACT
• Oliver Travel, SA
• Savenio, QLD & SA
• Select World Travel, QLD
• Ucango Travel & Cruise Centre, QLD
• Weston Cruise & Travel, ACT
• Windsong Travel, NSW

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