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Media Release: Travellers Choice member meetings get personal

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3 July 2017: Travellers Choice management will conduct a series of meetings around the country this month to explain how a new "persona analysis" initiative is giving the network unprecedented insight into its members' individual needs.

Managing Director Christian Hunter – who will present alongside Chair Trish Ridsdale at meetings in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – says the concept involves the development of a series of "personas" based on key criteria such as industry experience, customer mix, turnover and marketing activity.

Member agents can then be mapped into clustered groups, allowing Travellers Choice to deliver support services specifically tailored to meet each group's needs.

"Every Travellers Choice member is different, which means it is important we customise our support services to ensure they are of equal value to agents of all shapes and sizes,” says Hunter.

“But developing these personas not only allows us to optimise the level of support we offer, it also helps our management team assess the different ways our business strategies can impact individual members.

"With the deep customer insights this work gives us, we can ensure that we’re making informed decisions to deliver every possible benefit to our members."

Travellers Choice member shareholders attending this month's meetings will also receive an update on the company's current performance, and have the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to their own businesses and the broader travel industry.

This year's meetings will commence in Perth (4 July), followed by Adelaide (5 July), Melbourne (6 July), Sydney (7 July) and Brisbane (9 July).

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