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The power of language

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13 Aug 2018 Business Tips

You’ve probably at times had be creative in order to communicate with people with whom you don’t share a common language. The value of facial expressions, hand gestures and a smattering of key words are heightened in situations where words aren’t sufficient.

This is a useful reminder about the power of words and the endless words which are available to us, especially the descriptive words we can use in our initial conversations with potential customers.

Descriptive words appeal to the five senses: Taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

  • How are they greeted? The moment a customer steps into your office or contact you by phone or email, in their mind their holiday experience has already begun.
  • How do you captivate them through the enquiry process?
  • What words do you use with your customers to showcase their dream holiday?
  • What experiences do you share that provide the personal connection?
  • What examples of experiences do you use to make the customer feel like they are already there?
  • How do you make your first interaction memorable so that they share it with friends and family?

So, look at your choice of words, body language, tone and overall welcome, to see if you are captivating your customers from the first interaction.

Words by Nicola Strudwick, General Manager Sales


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