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Webinars a hit with tuned-in members

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21 Mar 2019 Travellers Choice News

Members are clearly connecting with the company’s new 'live' in-house webinars, with almost 110 agents tuning in to the first four instalments of the program launched in January this year.

Designed to help members grow their businesses and extract maximum value from the company's support services, the free webinars kicked off with a segment from General Manager Marketing Robyn Mitchell, entitled ‘New Year, New Marketing Plan’.

Since then three more webinars – focused on optimising Facebook, TC Hub and cruise training – have been broadcast, each receiving positive feedback from members.

Denis Collins from Discover Travel & Cruise in Queensland says the ‘Facebook business page health-check’ session, presented by Digital Services Supervisor Swati Vaghjiani, provided a valuable check-list for members who are actively posting on the platform.

“Our Facebook page was launched well before my time, and thanks to Swati’s webinar I can now go in and ensure it was set up correctly,” says Denis. “Things like ensuring we are listed under the travel agency category and that we allow visitors to make comments. It made me familiarise myself with general settings and check that we are making the best use our Facebook page.”

The webinars are broadcast 'live' on selected Tuesdays or Wednesdays and each instalment is recorded and hosted on the Travellers Choice intranet enabling members to access them at their convenience.

Denis says he finds the recordings particularly valuable because the entire agency can watch them at team meetings.

“They are only 30 minutes long and I find it’s easier to give them your full attention when you’re watching outside of trading hours and not being interrupted or distracted by clients.”

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