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Plenty of Australian travel agencies are family affairs, but few – if any – would come close to rivalling Queensland’s Stonestreets Travel.
Your World of Travel
While it might sit within a wellheeled, picturesque and slightly conservative Melbourne suburb famous for hosting the first Australian Scout Jamboree in 1935, Your World of Travel - or at least the building in which it sits - boasts a surprisingly colourful past.
06 Aug 2019
Wish you were here?
Take a moment and imagine your perfect setting for a home-based agency. Chances are you’re picturing a charming room, a laptop, some freshly-brewed coffee and soft light pouring in through a window that looks out upon a calm and pleasant view.
28 Mar 2019
What are friends for?
What would make someone sell their home, uproot their family and move halfway across Australia? In a word: Noosa...
08 Oct 2018
Forget the midwife, call the travel agent
Meet Jill Carmody, the owner of Leongatha Travel and Cruise.
05 Jul 2018
Engineering the future – one customer at a time
Meet Panorama Cruise & Travel director Greg Tucker, and learn how he came to the travel industry.
14 Mar 2018
From little things big things grow
Buying a travel agency at 21 is courageous. Doing it without having ever actually worked in a retail travel store is crazy brave... or perhaps just crazy. Brian Bennett recalls the decision as a purely pragmatic one.
10 Jan 2018

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