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Invitation from the Managing Director

Managing Director  

Travellers Choice is a national retail travel group with a unique difference – its independent member travel agencies own it! Together with our member agents we act cooperatively to achieve mutual business success. Our members enjoy the benefits of remaining independent business operators, while profiting from access to our group purchasing power, specialised marketing programs and range of business services.

Travellers Choice has been operating since 1977 and represents travel agents across Australia. Diversity is as much a hallmark of our group as independence, and our member agents represent many different agency models including owners with multi-location businesses in more than one state.

With four decades of profitable operations, Travellers Choice has developed an enviable reputation in the travel industry for its professionalism and reliability. Our longevity in the market is indicative of member satisfaction and our credibility with consumers.

Travellers Choice is controlled by its member shareholders through a Board of Directors, of which, member-elected Directors hold the majority. This ensures complete business transparency and accountability to the members - who, as the only shareholders, retain control of the company through equal voting rights and have the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting the company.

I invite you to consider the value proposition that Travellers Choice can provide to your travel agency.

Christian Hunter


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